Zoom Integration

Install Zoom with cloudcampus24.com

Enhance your remote teaching experience by scheduling and sharing Zoom video meetings from cloudcampus24.com.

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Steps to connect Zoom with cloudcampus24.com

Any cloudcampus24.com User can initiate the cloudcampus24.com integration with Zoom but only Admin and Teachers can create meetings.

1. Log in to your cloudcampus24.com account.

2. Click on your Name from the top right corner.

3. Click on ‘Profile’.

4. Click on ‘Connect to Zoom'.


5. Click Authorize on the Zoom integration page.


6. Once authorized, the cloudcampus24.com user will be able to see that the Zoom integration was successfully enabled.


Through this integration, cloudcampus24.com admin/teachers can create and schedule Zoom meetings and take online classes.

How to use - Teacher Role

1. Login as admin or teachers

2. Go to Diary & Task > Manage online class

3. Select Zoom meeting from the schedule meeting dropdown button

4. Create a meeting

5. Share meeting link with the students from the table below

6. After sharing the meeting link start button should be enabled which should take you to your zoom meeting

How to use - Student Role

1. Students will navigate to online class routine under diary & task from the menu

2. They can see the events in their calendar view

3. Once they click on the event they can join the meeting immediately


1. A cloudcampus24.com account – to collect your account credentials contact your institute’s IT admin.

2. A Zoom Account – create an account here

3. For activation: Must be logged in to an account in Zoom. Must also be logged in to an account with admin/teacher privileges in the cloudcampus24.com account.

Disabling the Zoom Integration

1. Click on the ‘Remove Connection’ button on your User Profile page in cloudcampus24.com.

Users can re-enable Zoom integration at any time by following the steps listed above.