Student Information & Collection System

Through this module all the information of students of an institute, financial transaction and other activities can be implemented very easily. All the useful/necessary daily/monthly/yearly reports/statements can easily be produced through this module, as a result the governing body of the institute can take their necessary decisions. In this the working speed and transparency of the given institutes increases. At the same time, the institution's public image and respectability increases in a significant amount to the guardians.

Characteristics & Advantages:

  • Students’ detailed information with photos is preserved.
  • Strong Search Engine.
  • Determine Class-wise Tuition-fee.
  • Easily deliver money receipt, identity card, transfer certificate, testimonial, guardians’ card etc.
  • Fees collection through cash/bank/mobile banking/online payment.
  • Sector/Student- wise financial calculation(dues, collection, fine, release etc).
  • SMS on financial transaction.
  • Implementing different activities like students discipline, monitoring etc.

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